Completely Miller

Get the Computer Help You Need!

Get personalized solutions for your computing needs! Our aim is to get you the help you need at a reasonable price. We offer a simple and straight-forward pricing plan with no hidden fees. Every computer, no matter the problem, has the same pricing plan: an initial fee of $35.00 is required up front to service any computer, after this initial fee, each additional hour of work is $20.00. Any needed parts will be billed to our customers at cost.

Services Offered

  • Hard drive data recovery
  • Virus removal
  • Backup solutions
  • PC health checkup
  • Custom computer builds
    (for gaming or business)
  • Video card upgrades
  • ...and many more!

Need advice? Advice and PC recommendations are free!

Heading to college? We don't sell computers, but we can point you to the right one for your needs!

Struggling to deal with the digital age? We offer training sessions for nearly any device or program at $15.00 per hour.

Want to build your own computer but don't know where to start? We can get you headed in the right direction!

Need general computer help? Whether it's setting up for an online job interview or helping with a family newsletter - we can assist you with almost any task at $15.00 per hour.



Why is this service so cheap?
We believe every person has the "right to repair" their devices at a reasonable price - not hundreds of dollars! After watching friends and family get ripped off by big name corporations, we decided to launch our own service that caters specifically to the home computer user. We won't try to sell you anything because we don't have any inventory! We only recommend upgrades for components or whole computers when it's absolutely necessary.

Whereas some computer repair businesses charge you for every minute your computer is in the shop - we only charge you for the time we are physically working on your computer. That means you won't pay for anyone to sit and watch a virus scan run for hours.
What do I need to bring in?
In order to be serviced, every device needs the proper power cord. Any passwords needed to access the device must be provided in writing. All password documentation is destroyed after service is complete.

Where can I drop my computer off?
We have a drop-off agreement with Will-o-th-Wind, in Greenville, Illinois. You may drop off your computer there and pay the initial $35.00 fee during their normal business hours (9:30 to 5:00, Monday - Friday). Their address:

603 E. Harris Avenue, Greenville, IL 62246