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Your memories are important. Let us help you preserve them!

Bring your old family photos into the digital realm!

We offer simple pricing plans to preserve your family photos in digital form and make them easy to share. Contact us today about digitizing your photos or videos!

Get professional help!

Scanning photos at home is great - if you have the right equipment. We can ensure your photos are preserved in high resolution - not small and grainy like this one:

Need emergency help restoring a photo for a wedding, funeral, or other event? Shoot us an email right away!

Convert your old slides from this:


to this!


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How much does it cost?
We try to keep everything simple!
Slide to Digital = 25 cents per slide
Film Strip to Digital = $1.00 per strip
4"x6" to Digital = 25 cents per picture
3"x5" to Digital = 25 cents per picture
5"x7" to Digital = 25 cents per picture
VHS Video to Digital Copy = $12.00 per video
VHS Video to DVD = $15.00 per video

What resolution do you scan use?
We typically use between 300 and 600 dots per inch (DPI) to convert photos into digital files. For smaller items, like slides, we sometimes use a higher resolution such as 900-1200 DPI. Our equipment is able to scan photos/slides at resolutions between 50 and 12,800 DPI. Photos scanned at high resolutions will have much larger file sizes.

How do I get my photos/slides to you?
If you live near the Greenville, Illinois, area we will arrange to meet you or give you a location where you can securely drop off your photos, slides, or videos. If you do not live nearby, we will give you instructions on how to ship your materials directly to us. Customers are responsible for shipping costs to and from us.

How do I get my digital files?
After converting your photos, we give you several options to retrieve your digital files. Most customers choose to download their digital photos from our secure server. We are also able to upload all files to shutterfly or google photos for you to access at any time. If you have an external hard drive (or large storage USB drive) you'd like us to use - please contact us and ask for instructions. If you'd like an external backup hard drive for your photos (and your other files at home), we can purchase one for you and place your pictures on it. Hard drives purchased on behalf of customers are billed at only the cost to us with no markup. Additional shipping charges may apply to orders involving a hard drive.

What about photos that are copyrighted?
We closely adhere to U.S. copyright law. Any copyrighted images require a release from the copyright owner before we are able to reproduce the images. To protect ourselves, we reserve the right to refuse reproduction of any image we suspect is under active copyright.