Completely Miller


It's important to know where you come from. If you are interested in researching your own family history or you've traced your family history to any of the following families or individuals - please let me know!

Persons of Interest

Felix Miller
Wife: Viola Vanover

John Henry Igleheart
Wife: Previa Ann Shutt

Henry Harrison Kelly
Wife: Mary Ann Allen

William E Phillips
Wife: Elizabeth Ann Stewart

Willis Simmerman
Wife: Maggie L Alton

George Martin Ford
Wife: Delila Anne Tedrick

Peter Christian Steil
Wife: Martha E Layne

William Oliver Dixon
Wife: Elizabeth Hanshaw

Thomas Dooly
Wife: Josephine Spacht

James Simpkins
Wife: Mary Jane Lahman

Allen Caylor
Wife: Sina "Fannie" Eakin

John Rench
Wife: Mary F Dickson

Christian Yordy
Wife: Salome Slagel

John William Switzer
Wife: Martha Jane Tawzer

Henry Lynn Brubaker
Wife: Mayme Swallow

John L Blumenshine
Wife: Mabel Theresa Robbins

Areas of Interest

Bond County, Illinois
Shelby County, Kentucky
Davies County, Kentucky
Harlan County, Kentucky
Lee County, Virginia
Darke County, Ohio

Current Research Work

I'm currently researching the Butler Family of New York, Delaware, and Pennsylvania. Specifically I'm looking for ancestry users "jmpiotrowski", "Ryan Flanagan", and "pfbutler_1". I have information I'm attempting to give to them regarding their family! If you know them (or are them) please contact me through this website.