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Need a Publisher?

Want to publish your own e-book? Looking to create your own textbook? Epublishing can be expensive and painful with the wrong publisher. That's why we take a different approach!

Publishing Basics

Do you just publish or do you edit my work?

If you are concerned about grammar/punctuation/spelling and you'd like us to take a look - we can do that! Our team is well equipped to polish your work before publishing. We charge 25 cents per page to professionally edit your work and will consult with you on each edit for final approval.

We are non-exclusive:

Some epublishers work exclusively with Apple iBooks or Amazon's Kindle Service. We use both services to make sure your material has the widest possible audience. Amazon and Apple both have exclusive programs you may choose to take advantage of as the author, but we don't push you towards either one.

Who controls the price of my book?

We work with you to set the appropriate price for your book. We do not limit or control the price of any of your work. There are some price limitations set by Amazon if you choose to enroll in their "Select" program.

How much is your fee? Do you take a royalty fee?

We have a one time, up front fee for your work to be converted to an ebook based on the type of book you want. For books with only text, we charge 8 cents per page to convert into the .epub format. For books with graphics or books sent to us in PDF form, we charge 15 cents per page. No royalties are ever collected, no matter how many books you sell.

What about things like ISBN numbers and copyright?

For an added fee ($100) we will file a copyright application with the U.S. Copyright Office and register your work with the U.S. ISBN Agency. The added fee covers the registration fee with both entities.

What formats do you accept? What formats do you convert to?

We accept Microsoft Word (.doc or .docx) or PDF. As stated above, submitting your document in PDF format incurs an additional charge due to the complexity of conversion from that format. We publish to the .epub format, which is the standard for epublishing. If you choose to work with Amazon, we may also convert to the .mobi file format for Kindle.

Who owns my book after you publish it?

We never retain ownership of your book at any point. Your book is your intellectual property from start to finish.

How do I get paid for my book?

We set you up with the proper accounts and help you connect them to either paypal or your own bank, so when peoeple buy your book on Amazon, Smashwords, or Apple - the money comes directly to you.

What about Digital Rights Management (DRM)?

Some companies use Digital Rights Management to prevent the copying and redistribution of their work. Most people are familiar with these protections on materials like DVD's or CD's. Both Amazon and Apple use a proprietary DRM format to prevent illegal copying of purchased content. Smashwords (another ebook distribution service) does not. Using DRM formats can be more complicated, but does provide an extra level of protection against someone stealing your work. We do not advocate for or against DRM - we leave that decision to the author. We typically use Amazon and Smashwords to distribute our books because together those two services reach just about every ebook market.

Do you publish actual printed books or just ebooks?

We currently only publish ebooks but are looking to expand.

Once I've published my book - can I make changes to it?

On some services (Amazon & Smashwords) you can resubmit your work to include updates. Major updates are then pushed out to anyone who previously purchased your book. Some services do NOT allow this, which is why we tend to work with these two groups.