Completely Miller

Affordable Responsive Web Design

With a device in almost every hand, reaching your customers has never been easier, but can your website be used on any device? We specialize in fluid grid and responsive web design with websites that adjust to the size of whatever screen your customers use. We believe the web should be accessible for all users and that clear navigation is the key to the success of any website.

Reasonable, Affordable, Professional

We don't use wordpress or content management systems - we build custom websites based on well-tested mechanics and code tailored to your needs. While we cater to your online needs, we also try to cater to your budget. Our prices are designed to help even the smallest organizations get online easily.

Do I have to pay you to maintain my site?

Nope! We work with a variety of different organizations with a variety of needs and experience. Some clients prefer that we maintain their website for a small monthly (or yearly) fee. Aside from the obvious advantage of us knowing every part of their site - our team includes two very grammatically-aware editors who review every single update. We do this because professionalism is incredibly important to us.

For experienced clients who want a more hands on experience, we can arrange for training that will help them maintain their own site after we create it. For most of these clients, we provide occasional phone and live support help to make sure their sites stay pristine.

Whether you pay us to maintain your website after creation or not - we are ALWAYS there for our clients if they need us. We won't leave you without a lifeline.

Do you just build websites or do you provide hosting and domain services?

We are a one stop shop for the complete webpage package because we try to make things as simple as possible for our clients. We can work with you to get the right hosting, domain name, and website up and running in no time! We typically use major hosting and domain services in order to provide the cheapest possible prices to our clients.

So what's the bottom line?

Estimating the cost of a webpage is incredibly difficult, but where other companies charge thousands - we typically charge hundreds. The cost of our custom work varies greatly depending on your needs, as well as the timeline for getting your site up and running. The first step in our process is to design a template from the ground up - and once we create that template we fill it with your content. The speed at which we can put you online typically depends a great deal on the content you need and how fast you can give us that material. Every website we create is a collaborative effort - we will work as fast or as slow as you do. We happily provide free consulting to anyone looking for a website - including a price estimate based on your individual needs and timeline. Just send us an email at for more information.

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