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For more than a decade I've been sharing my love for balloon twisting with the world.
Contact us if you'd like balloons at your next event!

The right pricing for your event:

Balloon twisting is a great addition to any event.
We offer several simple price plans, including fundraising opportunities!

Balloon Cost

For any occasion - we start with the cost of balloons. Balloons for our events are provided to our clients at cost - typically between $10 and $15 dollars per 100 balloons. Want certain colors? No problem. Our supplier has hundreds of colors for every occasion.


It's hard to have this much fun and call it work - but it is! We charge a flat rate of $30 per hour for twisting balloons on site.

Special Circumstances & Fundraising

Whether it's for cancer research or the local church group - we like to work with people to make our community better. At fundraising events, balloon twisting can be a great addition. We often work with non-profit groups and sell our balloon creations for $1 per balloon at festivals and community events (or even for general donations). Fundraising event scheduling is limited, but there are opportunities available. We are more than happy to donate our time to help fundraise for groups across Illinois, but we do require that the organization provide the cost of the balloons.

How do you estimate the number of balloons?

We focus on making sure every child (or adult) has the opportunity to get a balloon from us, so the number of balloons we tie during an event can vary widly depending on your event. We typically tie and twist between 40 to 120 balloons every hour depending on the difficulty of the creation and the size of the crowd. Every child wants a balloon, but no parent wants to wait 30 minutes for one. At smaller events we are able to twist a lot more balloons per person and twist more elaborate creations. At larger events, we twist simpler creations to make sure every child receives a balloon.

Need help estimating the cost of your event?

Balloon needs for most events can be estimated based on the duration of the event or the number of expected participants.

If you still need assistance, or want to book your event, shoot us an email.

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