Minecraft Education Downloads

(These should also work on Minecraft Bedrock)
Parkade Elementary School

The structure of this building and the exterior was built by Mr. Miller, MsCharlemagne, and Ry11. The interior of the building was decorated by students at Parkade Elementary. Each class had the opportunity to decorate both their room and other common areas. All of these decorations were then combined into this final map. This map features a custom datapack with Parkade's logo. You'll find plenty to keep working on - especially the playground. Have fun!

Recommended for players of all ages

Castle Defense

This is a team vs team map created by Ry11. Each player starts at a central location where they can choose both a team and a role. One team defends the "king" at the top of his castle and the other team begins in the camp where they begin their siege. Roles include General, Wizard, Knight, Warrior, Archer, Blacksmith, and Spearman.

Recommended for ages 4th grade or higher, and for at least 6 players.

A Festival of Rome

This map is a player vs player map designed themed around the Lychnapsia, the Roman festival of lanterns. Be on the lookout for the two wolves on this map, Romulus and Remus!

Recommended for ages 4th grade or higher, and for at least 2-3 players.

Among Us Base

This map was inspired by a request from E.C. This map's only feature is a giant Among Us character that is roughly 80 blocks tall and hollow inside. Coded with Minecraft EE's python controls.

Recommended for all ages.

Last Nerd Falling

Knock out the players by mining the floor out from under them. Watch out for the heating and cooling system.

Recommended for ages 4th grade or higher, and for as many players as you think can fit.

. . . More coming soon! -Mr. Miller & Ry11

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